Pro Rata Design
Hi, my name is Timothy Grindall. I'm a Seattle area based web designer who designs custom websites. My websites are mobile-friendly and use modern responsive web design techniques. If you need a good looking website done for a low cost, I'm the one for you! If you're interested have a look at my portfolio or get a quote down below.
Designing custom sites that look good
Examples of Past Work:
Grizfirestarters site screenshot
I did this site years ago so it has some mistakes (the images are huge and take a while to load) but overall it turned out pretty well. I created a custom stores page which used the Google maps API to locate stores that sold their product on the map which turned out pretty well (note: this page is now not working).
2. Legion Custom Gaming Computers
Legion Custom Gaming Computers site screenshot
I did this site just for practice. It's for a fictional custom gaming computer company that I made up and created everything for including the custom logo.
Spring Up Oh Whale site screenshot
This is a site I did for my new film company. I actually copied part of the design for this off a template, but I still think it represents my skills as I coded it all by hand and made some big changes to the design.
Contact Me:

Send me a request at if you're interested in getting a quote!

Note: If you prefer a form submission method to submit inqueries, then let me know and I'll think about it! (Main problem with a form is spam)